Meghan Kearney

This site is all about Meghan Kearney and her experiences  


My name is Meghan Kearney and I am a junior at Drake University. I study public relations and marketing and balance a college life as a cross country/ track student-athlete.
Being a sports enthusiast, I aspire to work in the competitive sports and/or healthy living industries. Having gained valuable experience through internships and networking with other professionals, I want to continue down this pathway.
I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri where I attended Notre Dame de Sion High School, an all-female Catholic high school, well-regarded for its excellence in academics. This challenging yet safe, nurturing environment was beneficial and allowed me to become a more rounded person prepared for college. In particular I enjoyed learning French, being on the newspaper staff, and I became consumed with the study of American and European literature.
Not only did my high school give me the chance to identify and explore my passion for the written word,  but I also had the opportunity throughout my childhood to shadow a Public Relations professional who helped me set course on my journey to become a PR/Marketing professional. 
This role model, my mother, allowed me to shadow her at work and on business trips where I saw a practical application of the profession. In choosing a career, I followed my mother’s footsteps but diverged into my passion for sports and healthy lifestyles.   
In my professional work, I want to create awareness of the impact of a healthy and active lifestyle. I am in my element when sharing these compelling and inspirational stories through words, pictures, and videos.
Aside from these goals, I am proud of my Kansas City roots. I enjoy cheering for my professional sports teams in Kansas City,  and indulging in the city’s famous BBQ!  When I am not running or studying, I spend most of my time reading, shooting photography, and seeking new adventures. My next travel plans are to visit New Zealand! 
I hope you enjoy your journey through my website.  I welcome your feedback.