A Testament of Strength

A Testament of Strength

What it truly means to have strength according to a woman’s standards 

We all have those movies that we rely on to make us laugh, cry and maybe even make us fall in love over and over again. It’s those movies that we can quote almost every line to and sing along when there is music playing.

Regardless of the movie genre, the story line never fails to provide  a few life lessons or a special message that we hold tight to. It is these memories that make up all the reasons why we love that particular movie.

A movie that holds a special place in my heart is the Disney movie, Mulan. Not only does it show how the world underestimates the strength of women but it also shows if one truly works hard, anything can be done. The movie first opens up with a scene showing a young girl preparing to impress the matchmaker of her town.

It depicts how society views women: for beauty and for finding a husband. If we don’t succeed in passing what society considers is the norm, we will be disgraced.

Mulan knows that she is not and does not think the same way as what the world around her, and she questions when she will finally be able to show who she really is. After news comes to town that a war has broken out, she runs away and disguises herself to look like man so that she can bring honor to her family.

Also, deep down, to to prove herself that she is just as strong as the guys and that she doesn’t need to be like every other girl. After many tests and trials, Mulan finally proves her strength. She not only saves the lives of many warriors but also the Emperor who is taken hostage.

This was something no man had the knowledge or strength to do. My favorite quote from this movie that can be related to any predicament and to anyone is, “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.”

I would consider myself of an inadvertent feminist and I care a lot about how women are seen in this world. We are extremely underestimated about our strength of what we can and can’t do.

Any woman, or person for that matter, can do anything above the standards they are given if they set their mind to it. It is tiring to hear that we [women] are seen for the beauty and talents. It can feel as though we are taken advantage of for these reasons or overlooked for them, and in the end it is not fair.

But if we set our minds and hearts to it, we can tear down every barrier, every stereotype and every standard society puts on us. In the end, it is about the journey on the road we take to reach the top of the mountain. That is what makes up of our appearance, that is what makes us beautiful, that is what makes up our reflection.


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