For Those Who Want to Give up

For Those Who Want to Give up

Even in the rough times, don’t think that giving up is the only answer.

It is inevitable that we will all face obstacles in our lifetime, but it is up to us to decide the fate of these outcomes. No matter what the situation is, there are many lessons that are learned.

These troubles that we face will bring us down and make us reconsider what is valuable in our lives. It will make us question if the people we are surrounded by will always look out for us, will stand up for us when we need it, offer a shoulder to cry on and show the importance of our relationships.

No matter what the situation is, there will always be a hand to hold during these rocky times, telling you to never give up. There are many people in this world that are bound to tell you that you are a failure, that you aren’t good enough. If these people are affecting who you are every day, then avoid them and prove them wrong.

We are all created differently and have different goals and values that shape how we live our lives; it’s what makes us unique. If there is someone who is telling you different, then they must not see the bigger picture in this world.

Sometimes the weight of trying to stand out takes hold on our life and we think to ourselves what can we do to become different than everyone else. My advice: Be you!

For those who see your peers, be their friend who will go out of the way to make them feel better and to help them find their purpose in this world. It can be hard at times to see our friends and family member during because they hide it inside, as if to keep a secret to whole world that they are not okay.

Sooner or later, all of these emotions and feelings will catch up and our friends will crumble under all of the pressure. It is our duty to clear up the debris and help them find the light once again.

No matter who you are, we will all face adversity. But we must know that there is a greater purpose for it all. Despite these hurtful feelings, we will become stronger human beings by the end of this struggle and we will be ready to take on another obstacle our crazy lives will throw at us.


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