Let Go

Let Go

We must let go of wanting to live a perfect life. 


Throughout our lives, we are taught to hold on tight to what we love. When we were babies, it was our favorite blanket or stuffed animal, when we were children it was our parent’s neck that we clung to when we were scared. But as we evolve over the years, our perspectives change.

We hold tight to our dreams we hope to accomplish in the future and hold tight to love deeply those we are close to. Even now as we progress into our adulthood, our aspirations are changing as we contemplate what we want our futures to be. It seems as though we push hard to be successful in our jobs and to find “the one.

However, we are faced with many challenges as we strive for this future we dream of. We find that something, or someone may not be what we hope it would be and tend to feel that the hope we have for our lives may actually never come true. Though this is true, that our lives may never be what we dream, it is all about the journey we take to strive for that fairytale ending that makes up our future.

I know, you may be questioning how and what can I do to have this perfect life? There is no perfect way to tell you this because life isn’t perfect. We are bound to make mistakes, but we must learn from them so we can move on.

As any young girl, I dreamed (and am still dreaming) to find that prince charming to sweep me off my feet and to fall in love with instantly. Ten years later, reality has set in and my conclusion is that boys are complicated! Women put themselves out there trying to find that hidden prince in the sea of men.

Sometimes we are able to reel one in, but other times they get away. Sometimes when we are able the catch one, it may not be the right fish and we have to throw them back at sea. This can be heart wrenching at times because we become so attached and love them for reasons we can’t understand, blinded by all the wrong reasons. We must realize that our destiny is waiting for us in this world so we must build ourselves back us and keep on fishing and waiting for the right one to come.

Building ourselves back up is probably the hardest part, but it’s the way we move on. In the words of Jesse J, “It is okay to not by okay” at times. It is okay to grieve and to realize what the happy parts in our lives were with them, but also what mistakes were made during this time. In order to rebuild our lives we must assure ourselves that we will never make the same mistakes we once did.

So yes, there are in fact many fish in the sea and yes, it is hard to reel the perfect one in. It takes time and patience to sit around and wait for the right one to swim along. If the right person does come along, don’t hang on to the regrets of the past. Instead enjoy every new memory you share with that person.

There is a reason why each person enters your life: it can be for their love, for their mistakes, for their laughter, or for their knowledge; whatever the reason it is, we must take the time to find their purpose in our lives and appreciate every opportunity we get to spend with them.


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